Give an Elegant Look to Your Diamond With Some Types of Diamond Cut


Round cut diamonds

It is the most popular diamond cut which is the most popular diamond shape. It is sold approximately 75% of all the sold diamonds. The main reason for high selling is its mechanic shape.

Princess Cut - It was created in 1980 which is the most popular diamond cut for the engagement ring. Princess cut diamond are the good selection for their style and flexibility. They are found in the four-sided shape of the pyramid which is available at the very costly price.

Oval Cut - Oval cut was introduced in 1960 which is a modified brilliant cut diamond. It comes in the similar quality of two shapes brilliance and fire. It is the best choice for the customer who searching for round diamond ring with a unique style. This shape has a benefit of the elongated shape which makes a greater size illusion.


  1. Marquise Cut – This is a football shape cut diamond which is the modified version of the brilliant cut. This name is derived from the king of France which has considered to perfectly shaped mouth. This cut has the very large surface area for any shape of diamond which is making a good choice for customers.
  2. Pear Cut – This is a combination of marquise and round shape with a tapered tip on one end. The diamond is always worn at the end of narrow side toward the wearer's hand.  The shape of pear comes in slim cut to wide cuts which give the advantage to the wearer for a longer look of fingers. It makes the fingers slimmer than before.
  1. Cushion Cut - The old name of cushion cut is old mine cut which combines rounded corners with the square cut. This shape is in the limelight for more than two hundred years and it was very popular in the first century. The traditional cushion cut diamond returns the light in a style of chunkier in comparison to modern cuts.  Nowadays they are treated as antique diamonds and priced accordingly.
  2. Emerald - This shape comes out by pavilion step cuts with its large size. It creates a hall of the mirror image with the interplay of light and dark planes. The elegant appeal comes from its long cuts and dramatic flashes of light.
  3. Asscher Cut – It was introduced in 1902 in Holland by the Asscher family who was famous in cutting diamond stone for their cutting work. They were in the peak in the year of 1920 and found in jewelry shops of antique diamonds.  The modern look of Asscher cut diamond is just same as the square emerald cut with larger steps facets.
  1. Radiant – The diamond of radiant cut is the first cut which was done in the square cut. The first cropped stone of square shape was launched in 1980. It was a nice cut between princess and cushion cut which looks very beautiful. It looks nice with both rounded and square cornered diamonds. The radiant cut diamond mostly comes in oval shape.